Professional Photography

Photography is the manipulation of light in capturing moments.
With a journalistic approach to photography, special moments are captured and recorded for our clients everlasting memories.
We strive to maintain our relaxed nature while working, and at the same time, have professional integrity on all our shoots.
We are people photographing people!
We love seeing joy, happiness and love on location which makes it easy for us to portray into an image.
Our greatest reward when delivering our products, is that our clients are always satisfied that we could record those special moments in their lives and put these memories into a book for them to share with their families in this generation and the next.
Join us on this journey. Its been amazing so far...and will continue to grow.


PhotoSauce Wedding Philosophy

Weddings are supposed to be a lot of fun. Its a day filled with love, joy and heart warming memories.
The last thing that a Bride and Groom should stress about, are their Wedding Photographs. Our goal in shooting a Wedding is to have as much fun throughout the experience on that special wedding day.
We strive in making the Bride and Groom as comfortable and relaxed as possible so that everything with their wedding pictures runs smoothly and we are able to capture their special moments.

PhotoSauce Wedding Packages

We have designed Wedding Packages that are able to suit each Bride and Groom.
If you don't see a package that suits you, we are always willing to design a package that is best suited for that couple. Each wedding is different and each couple have different needs. We are very flexible in what we offer and are always willing to help.
As you will see below, we don't generally specify hours in our packages. 

We feel that our costs are there for the full wedding day no matter what time we start until the wedding ends. There are no hidden costs or extra charges for extra hours. What is agreed at the beginning of the Wedding Contract will not change. Travel is included for all Johannesburg clients and travel is only charged for if its outside of the surrounding areas of Johannesburg.

Packages for Wesbite

Sometimes, when we have big gatherings of our families and friends, it can be stressful. Occasionally, things don't go as planned. Our team at PhotoSauce are always there to give a hand and help in the day working out the way you want it to. We capture your ever lasting memories so that in years to come, that feeling of joy and love, still feels like yesterday!

Wedding Albums

Our Fine Art Wedding Albums are of the highest quality we have had the pleasure to print for our clients. Our albums are hand-made which make them more personal than they already are, printed on photographic paper and then bound.

Each Wedding Album is specifically made to our Bride and Groom’s request. The cover option can be a Personalised Printed Cover or a Matured Leather Cover that can include engraving. Each Album is delivered in either a Webalin Box or a Printed Wooden Box.

Wedding Albums2

Our Wedding Albums come in 3 sizes ranging from A3 to A5. The A5 Wedding Albums are used as Parent Brag Books, which is a replica of the main Wedding Album still printed the exact same way as all the other albums.

Our Albums come with a lifetime guarantee on both the print as well as the binding.

There is no better way to display your Wedding other than in a print. These albums will last forever and are a great accessory for display in your new home together.


Andrew Knobloch

Andy Website

My Passion, My Art.

Through the last years of my 20's, I found my career. I have been growing every day through reading, learning and watching my hero's in this art. Photography for me, is capturing moments and creating pictures that tell the audience the true story so that those memories are vivid through image. This industry has been evolving through the ages and I strongly believe that as a photographer, if I do not continue growing within myself and my passion...I will fall behind. I strive to sustain my creativity and at the same time...love what I do


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