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A wedding covered in rain

I was on the way to a Wedding After Shoot this afternoon, which got cancelled due to a heavy Jozi thunderstorm, and it gave me inspiration to blog about what happens on a wedding day when or if it rains. I think that is the most common question a Bride & Groom will ask me if they book for a summer wedding is “what are we going to do if it rains?”

I always have a standard answer in which some of my clients love or some think in their head “absolutely not!” The rain doesn’t bother me on a wedding day. Sure, it sometimes makes things really complicated and stressful but for me personally, I love drama in an image. Shooting in the rain is really cool if you can get the right shot.

This past November, I photographed 8 weddings in which it rained for 7 of them. We have no control over the skies so if it’s going to rain; there is nothing we can do about it. I am a very chilled wedding photographer and don’t often get stressed or tense at a wedding. I am huge into planning the days times and schedule of photographs and if it rains, we just change the area of the photos accordingly. For those who follow my Facebook page or website, there was a wedding last year at Avianto that had rain for most of the day. We just worked around it, shot a bit in the rain and used umbrellas. The images all turned out beautifully. You can get really stunning photographs in the rain. The skies give a soft lighting for the images and if done properly, the images always come out amazingly.

We have umbrella’s that we bring along which are nice and big. Sometimes the Bride & Groom hold it and other times, my trusted assistant holds the umbrellas over the couple and we can still shoot (although he gets drenched). These days, our cameras are water resistant if I’m not too fazed over getting a little drizzle on it. Other times when it is pouring, I just cover it and still shoot.

Don’t be scared of the rain. From my side, I am here to tell a story through the wedding images so if it rains, I don’t want to Photoshop the images so much and pretend that it wasn’t. We have fun no matter what the weather is…raining or not!

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