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Does the camera determine the outcome of the photograph?

There is a lot of debate through various people in the photographic industry and in my case, in the wedding photography industry. Generally, when I meet people, the first question that they ask is "what camera do you use?" I must say that in my opinion, this is a trivial question!

I've met other photographers through my work and some have Nikon D4's which cost about R85 000 that they use for their wedding photography, and others have much cheaper cameras. I wouldn't say that the cheaper camera's get the same results than the more expensive ones however, I do feel that the quality you get from the camera's would be hard to see from the non-trained eyes. When I first got into photography, the man that taught me said that his opinion, is that people don't know the difference. Most of the time, I agree with this opinion.

In saying this, I've seen some photographs that have been taken with the less expensive cameras and they have been amazing photos. Ive also seen some wedding photographers with the most amazing equipment and their photos are terrible in my opinion. 

The most important thing in my business that I've learnt, over the years as a wedding photographer, you dealing with so many different artistic tastes. I have a lot of clients with no artistic bone in their body and other clients that are blessed with the artistic flare.

It doesn't matter what camera you have and what you are photographing. If you have the right technical science to take that photo, it will be perfect!

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