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Dramatic Groom lighting


There are different styles of photographing wedding pictures as well as different styles of lighting techniques when photographing weddings. As a journalistic wedding photographer, I also have a certain style of shooting when doing pre-photos that need to be posed and created.In saying this, I am very firm with my clients that book us for their wedding, that the most important part of any wedding day, is planning.

When planning the pictures for the day, we don't only talk about the different times that the photo sessions will take place, but I also focus on what kind of idea's do each Bride and Groom have for their photos. Generally, a Bride is very specific on what she likes and what she doesn't and generally it is the same for the Groom. The Groom is typically focused on his friends and what they can do during the wedding pre-photos, the Bride wants to look as radiant and pretty as ever.

For Dean, he wanted his wedding photos to look dramatic and "slick". I love using natural light. On the occasion, we might use off-camera lighting if there is no other option. For this image, there was light trickling in from a window above in this venue that we used for his photos. I positioned him in a certain way that when the light was coming from the top right, it would light Dean in a way that created a 3-Dimentional look which suited the look I was aiming for.

His wedding images all came out exactly the way he had imagined and that is my goal with each client!

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