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Location or lighting?

I did a shoot tonight that inspired me to write my thoughts on what people’s expectations are about photographs and how they think that us as photographers manage to capture what they are looking for.

The most important thing for me when I shoot is the lighting and the quality of it. I think that most people who are not in my industry don’t really understand light properly which actually clouds their judgement on the location of the shoot or the time that it takes place. When I first started photography, the most important thing was the location of where the photos would be taken but as I have evolved into the photographer that I am today…I find myself more looking for the quality of lighting.

The structure of the lighting or the texture and colour of it really can make or break an image. If you shooting at 12pm midday, the harshness of the sun really kills skin tone and creates such harsh shadows. Opposite to that, when shooting at night or in high contrast of light, the lighting will either make the skin tone dull and full of shadow or you can use artificial light like flashes or LED lighting.

Every shoot and lighting situation is different. My goals when shooting is to help my Bride or Groom look their absolute best. It’s their Wedding day and for me to use the wrong lighting would really go against my values in Wedding Photography. Often I have to discuss this with my clients and determine what they are looking for and how I can portray that in the best way possible with both beautiful backgrounds and beautiful lighting.

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