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RAW emotions at a wedding


One can never question this Groom's love for his wife in this image. This couple is very close to my heart as i am friends with them and it was such an honour to photograph their Wedding.

I'm in the process of finishing up their edits for their Wedding Album and today, came across this photograph. As I saw this image, I got goosebumps through my whole body and got slight tears in my eyes. It sounds dramatic but hey, I did. Tzachi and Audi had their Wedding on shorter notice than planned and it turned out to be such an awesome Wedding. It was quaint and intimate and I love Weddings like those.

Wedding photo's like these are my absolute favourite. Its real and raw. Their Chuppah had just ended and you can see Tzachi's sister in this picture just loving him. It was very emotional and you can see him, in his truth in this picture. Wedding photography, for me, needs to tell a story. It doesn't really matter what that story is or how it unfolds because every couple's journey is different from the other. All the weddings that we are invited to too capture is different and that's what I love about doing what we do. In saying all of this, with each wedding...the showing of emotion is also different. Some Bride's and Groom's just have that silly grin or just laugh out of not knowing. Some are still. Some are deep in thought and others...cry from being so overwhelmed with different emotions and feelings running through them. Its beautiful.

I'm a hopeless romantic and can't express enough how much I love taking wedding photograph's like these. Even myself, as the photographer will look at an image like this and remember, that moment. If I feel the way I do when seeing these images...I can't image what it must be like for each Bride and Groom!

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