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Should the venue suit the Bride and Groom?


I photographed this Wedding this past weekend and when I was going through all the images, I had this thought and have been going through it in my head since then. I would say that most Brides that I meet with always focus on where they want their wedding photos to be taken. Their main priority generally is the venue. My normal idea to this is that I would focus more on the lighting situation for where the wedding photos will be taken rather than the venue…however, in saying that; I also believe that the venue is very important.

So…the reason I am mentioning this is because this venue that we shot at, was very vintage and when I first met the Bride and Groom, I wasn’t too excited for the venue for the pre-photos. The wedding day came and when I saw the Bride once she was ready and dressed in her wedding gown…it all made sense. The venue was 100% perfect for the Bride’s everything. Her wedding dress, her hair, her make-up…just everything.

I must be honest, it changed my perspective a little and I’ve been thinking since then that sometimes, even though the venue may be not suited to my professional perspective in lighting, it may be perfect for the couple on the wedding day and we can always make it work.

The other reason I like these images above is that, if you follow me on Facebook and my website, you may recognise the Bride. That’s Louise…from the Engagement Shoot where the Bride and Groom through paint all over each other. I love telling a story and when you look at the E-Shoot and then their Wedding Day, its different and says so much.

I really had a good time at this wedding and when their wedding photos all came together, it was amazing!


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