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The correct posing techniques will give you the best image


As a Wedding Photographer…I believe that it is my job to photograph every Bride, Groom… or anyone in that matter, to look their absolute best. I’ve learnt over time that generally, most people have their own insecurities. Everyone’s perception about himself or herself is different, different to each other and also different to how the rest of their friends and families see them.

I’ve heard it all. “I’m so fat”, “look at my chins”, “my legs are too bulky” etc. I, myself don’t like the way my “hereditary” double chin comes out in photographs so I really understand it. I have a lot of clients that are skinny and gorgeous, who also think they are fat and ugly (which I cannot understand). My comment to those clients is “I wish I was as fat as you J”.

Through trials and study, I have learnt that every insecurity that anyone has, can 99% of the time be hidden correctly through the correct Posing and correct way of photographing the subject. Most of my wedding photography is done with the correct posing which gives the Brides and Grooms better images of themselves and they always look gorgeous. I took a long time to learn these techniques but now, it has paid off tremendously.

I’ve often taken photos of Brides that, when I show them an image on the back of my camera to show them how they are looking, they notice something that they are not happy with or feel insecure about. For instance…this Bride and myself share the same issue. Our families gave us both, the double chin in photographs. If you look at these 4 images above, there is no double chin whatsoever! These images have not been liquefied in Photoshop or blended in any way. I took these images with the correct posing by bringing her face a bit forward when taking the photo and as you see, she looks absolutely radiant. If you see, her arms are always away from her body, which is much, more slimming. Even the skinniest of girls will have bigger upper arms they are tightly squeezed against her body.

Not every Bride and Groom are going to be GQ models but every single Bride and Groom, when getting married, look absolutely stunning and can look even better in their wedding images through the correct photography!

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