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Welcome 2015!!!

Firstly…happy New Year to everyone reading this or following my Blog. I really feel that 2015 is going to be absolutely incredible!


So…2014 ended off with a bang. We were so busy at PhotoSauce with all different Weddings and events, it really was…manic! I wanted to write and just reflect on how far I've grown as a photographer in the last few years. We've just redone our office which looks really cool but when we were clearing everything out, I found the Wedding Album from the first Wedding i ever did. What a difference between then and now! It's actually incredible how things have changed and how much my photography has completely changed since then. Photography is my passion and even though I am a professional photographer, there is always so much to learn and there will always be so much to learn. Ive seen some photographers staying stuck in their times and not growing whereas I believe that my goal is to always stay with whats going on in today’s times and i will continue to carry on doing what i am doing, evolving and growing.


I really feel that 2015 is the year that is going to be life changing. Near the end of last year, we had 2 designers start with us. We are growing at a rapid pace and it is just so cool to know that we have so much potential to keep growing but while doing that, still evolve as photographers into the Wedding market that we have been accepted into.


Im always looking at other photographers in the market to see what they doing as well as to understand what the general consensus is when it comes to Bridal and Groom’s pictures. Ive always been that photographer who has a good relationship with my clients so when it comes to their Weddings, I know exactly what kind of photos they like and what they are looking for in imagery from the day.


Im really excited about 2015 and think its going to be amazing for everyone, especially all of us at PhotoSauce.

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