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Welcome to PhotoSauce

I decided to start completely fresh with both this website and in doing so...thought it would be good to start my blog from scratch.

When I first started blogging, I wasn't sure what I should blog about. I thought that maybe tutorials might be nice but from reading other blogs in the last few years and also realising that I am in the "people" business, I thought it would be best just to write about my photography, what interests me and the things that I am learning through this journey.

I started my photographic journey about 6 years ago as a hobby. From there, I quit my job and pursued my passion into a business that I love more than anything. Ive studied, read so many books and taught myself the art of Photography. I really believe that I am still in the beginning of my process and continue, every day to grow and learn new things. I have many hero's in this art in 2 fields. My first field that I am passionate about is photo-journalism. I love looking at photographers all over the world and see what they capture and the stories that they show the public via image. There are so many South African photo-journalists that are amazing in their field. The second field of photographers is in Wedding Photography. Where does one start? There are so many Photographers in all different cultures that capture Weddings in all their different styles.

My goal in my passion is to continue growing with the flair of my style so that my clients are happy and are able to share their memories with their loved one in this generation and the next. 

Thank you for coming onto my site and sharing this with me!!!


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