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What does it mean to be a Commercial Wedding Photographer?

A lot of my clients as well as people I chat to always ask..."what kind of wedding photographer are you?" I used to think that the way I wanted to photograph the weddings that I do, would be photojournalistic. The more I read various articles and see how other photographers work, my view on this has changed. I would call PhotoSauce as being Commercial Wedding Photographer...this is why.

Having a photojournalistic approach to shooting weddings would mainly be that you would stay in the background and capture the moments that happen. Not really initialising the poses and the "moments". A part of the wedding day is definitely in that manner however most of the day isn't. The way I photograph the wedding day is done by posing my subjects and creating the moment at that second. Getting a laugh or having a giggle. Even when I'm shooting the bridal party or the family portraits i always pose my subjects and then let them interact with each other and those moments come naturally to the clients.

Wedding photography is, for me, one of the nicest genres of photography to be in. I love going to a wedding and being part of the happiest day in the Bride and Groom's life. Everyone is happy and having a good time and its amazing to be a part of that. Of course, I have interests in photojournalism and  fashion photography but to photograph happy and joyous moments all the time is amazing!

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