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Why have an engagement photo session before your wedding

I have the opinion that the best way for a Bride and Groom to feel comfortable in front of a camera on their wedding day, is to have an engagement shoot session. Every time I have am engagement shoot with a couple that feel awkward posing and being in photos, they always leave the shoot smiling and saying “that wasn’t so bad, we had fun!”

I’ve been doing wedding photography for a few years and it’s only recently that I really insist to my clients that we do an engagement session. You know…its not every day that when we in a photo, you have to put your arms on your waist, lean this way or that, move you leg forward…a little bent. What I’m trying to say is that when posing for artistic wedding photos, for most Brides, it doesn’t come naturally. I sometimes have a good giggle inside because you can see when someone doesn’t really like being photographed for whatever reason but in saying that…everybody can look their best in the photos, so its my job to make the Bride and Groom feel totally comfortable when I’m photographing them.

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I’ve had great success with engagements shoots. Sometimes, we go to town and take a few pictures while walking around. Other times, its more planned where the Bride and Groom will throw paint at each other, dance around and drink Champagne. It doesn’t really matter where you shoot or what happens, as long as its fun and you get a feel for being in front of the camera.

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On your wedding day, sometimes poses feel awkward and I can see it on a Bride or a Grooms face where I am sure that in their head they are saying “I must look stupid”, where in actual fact, they don’t. For instance, people like myself with a double chin can move their chin towards the camera and drop it down a bit. In a photo…perfect, in the pose, it feels so uncomfortable.

The best way to feel good about how wedding photography works with regards to posing is an engagement shoot. With every couple that see me for their Wedding, we always plan a location shoot before the wedding. It really works and you get such beautiful images.

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