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You should laugh during your Wedding Photo's


This is a continuation of my last blog post from this weekend. When I first met with Abi and Dean for their Engagement Photo's, Abi said that she didn't like herself in photo's looking serious so that was the plan for the Wedding Photo's....laugh laugh laugh.

I've learnt through becoming a wedding photographer that each person is different and each Bride and Groom like specific things. As a photographer, you follow and learn from your hero's from around the world and, when looking at their work, all their subjects that they capture are these 'model' looking bride's and groom's. The first thought when I first started wedding photography is that I wished all my couples looked like those models. A bit unrealistic however, in saying that I believe that each Bride and Groom are beautiful in their own way and on their wedding day, they look the most radiant and gorgeous and it is our job as wedding photographers to capture those moments and portray their beauty in their images.

These images you see of Abi and her friends, was the happiest time of her bridal party photo's. Its really simple to create this kind of laughter in a picture...firstly, I'm very silly and making lame jokes and secondly, her friends just need to laugh with her and you get these images. With a little bit of composition and posing, these girls looked beautiful and laughed their heads off.

As much as I like the elegant look in wedding pictures, they also need to be fun and chilled at the same time. Im not married myself however, when I do get married, i would want my day to be as fun as possible and that starts with the photos and ends with the party!

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