An E-Shoot with a difference


In the Wedding Photography industry, we get to meet so many diverse couple's and people. Sometimes the couples that we photograph, love being in photographed. Sometimes...they absolutely hate it!

This is a good example of a Groom that really doesn't like being photographed. We are photographing Justin and Louise's Wedding and we wanted to do something different for their Engagement Session. The Bride, Louise, is in the Video Production industry and is very creative so together, we planned this engagement shoot to be a little different from all the other romantic sessions that people normally do. The catch to this was that her fiancé Justin, had no idea what we had planned. When we arrived at the shoot, he was mortally irritated and really didn't want to do this shoot. "Its too dirty!" "I hate photos". Once I had spoken to him and we found out that he could throw paint at his future wife, he got a little more excited to say the least!

We set up an area that we were going to shoot and the fun began. Look...Louise is not good at throwing so she was the dirtier one of the two at the beginning but when she found her was funny. This couple had a blast. They cracked some champagne open, had a drink and just laughed and these are the images we got. Its different but romantic at the same time.

I saw Justin this morning at his wedding venue for next week and he loved the final images. Most of the time when someone doesn't like to be photographed, you can always work around it and do something different where it feels that there is no camera involved. I love this idea for wedding photo's. Its cool.

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