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Brad and Jaydene After Shoot

Brad and Jaydene's After shoot is why I love wedding photography. Jaydene loves photos so she wanted to have fun and different wedding images, especia...
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Adam and Claire

I have been to over 300 weddings and this wedding has to rate as one of the best parties I have ever been to. We photographed for over 12 hours and wh...
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Mohammed and Oriana

Oriana has to rate as one of the most magnificent brides I have ever photographed. Nevermind that she looked beautiful in her wedding photos, she is a...
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Max and Jonathan

Max and Jonathan booked me over a year in advance for their wedding photography. Max is a vibrant, happy go lucky kind of lady, and Jonathan is a typi...
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Jen and Rory

Jen and Rory live in the UK. Both are from South Africa and had always dreamed of having their wedding in sunny SA. Their wedding took place at Aviant...
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Andi and Saul

Andi and Saul have to be one of the most chilled out couples in my wedding photography history. From day one, it was just a plan for the photos and ev...
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Dylan and Shira

I have know Dylan before I had started wedding photography. When we met to start planning his and Shira's wedding, I knew it was going to be special. ...
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Rita and Marco

Wedding photography is made up of so many aspects. Its lighting, location, time of day etc. This wedding was perfect. The venue was this little quaint...
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Ruth and Iain

When I think of Ruth and Iain...I remeber first speaking to Ruth on the phone. She called and said she wanted to chat about wedding photography with s...
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Chani and Asher

This amazing wedding took place in the Winter. Even though it was cold, we were still able to capture this beautiful couple and their wedding photos c...
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