About Andrew K

About Me

Hi, my name is Andrew and i am a digital artist!

Coming from a family who’s mother is a renowned Pewter Artist, Calligrapher, Art Teacher and so much more, I always thought that I had no creative side whatsoever. I was a boys boy until i picked up a camera. It’s a passion and everyone who knows me, knows how much I love photography. Heck…i’ve even got a tattoo of a camera as well as my logo tattooed on me 🙂

I like to be different with all my clients so that not everyone has the same images. I love people and am very good at keeping the mood calm through all the excitement and fun!

Photography has opened up a world of family, good times and art! We are experience all our clients joy, love and laughter and capture every moment so that good feeling inside lasts forever.

This isn’t a job for me, this is my life!